New Year’s resolutions can be so negative. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink.  Don’t eat anything you enjoy. Don’t spend money.

Let’s start the New Year on a more positive note. Try something new. Do something different.

Admittedly, the Junior Paper Shredder took this a bit too literally on New Year’s Eve. She decided to take up swimming. Skipped the lessons. Dived into the reservoir. James gallantly sprang to the rescue. They both came home looking pretty wet. James declined the photo opportunity.

early Nov 2013 015

So perhaps, like most things in the modern world, positive New Year’s resolutions should come with a health warning. Look before you leap. If you are pushing the boat out, brush up on the swimming lessons. But still look for the positive side.

Officials everywhere

Aim to say Yes not No. Leicester City Council has banned a charitable collection for children because the collectors bring Shetland ponies. There have been no problems in the past. But they managed to find a regulation…

Hugh and Robert

Bring Rummage to every small business in Britain (always aim high)


Eat more fruit and veg, and hope there is no room left for the chocolates

The Junior Paper Shredder

Take swimming lessons


Walk the dogs in open country away from water

You, my wonderful Followers

Download a copy of Rummage on to your computer and try it. Then write in with your thoughts on Rummage or anything else on this Blog

OR Find just one person who will appreciate Rummage (or the Blog) and pass it on to them. Click here for Rummage and here for my guide to using it:

P.S. from the Junior Paper Shredder (JPS)

She has decided she does not like swimming. But she does want to persist with her modelling career. So I must be positive and help her…




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