Meriel’s Introduction to Rummage

What is Rummage?

  • Rummage is a special way of indexing everything on your computer (except your email). When it has set up its indexing system it can help you to find anything which you have lost.
  • You can either use it for a general search for specific words or you can give Rummage such clues as you can remember. For instance you might be looking for a photograph which you know you took of John Smith sometime in August, or for a Word document which you wrote two years ago about repairs to your house. In either of these cases you should be able to find what you want quickly and easily.
  • Rummage works by “tagging” things on your computer. Amongst the standard tags which it uses are People (taken from your contacts from Facebook or Outlook); File Types; Folders; Dates
  • You can also add in other tags to help yourself

First download your beta copy of Rummage by clicking here

  • Click: Run – Set up Wizard – Next – Allow? Yes – Launch Rummage? (the tick box to agree to this will be ticked) – Finish
  • If you have contacts in Facebook or in Outlook allow Rummage access to them (for Facebook you will have to log in)
  • Rummage will now start to index everything on your computer so that it can help you to find whatever you want
  • You can either leave it to complete this (the time taken will vary enormously dependent on your own computer set-up) or, if you cannot wait to start, you can try it out as soon as the words “Use Rummage” appear on screen by clicking them

When you start to use Rummage you will be presented with the following screen:

I am writing a book about someone called John William Ramsden. I remember finding a diary of his early in the summer but cannot find my notes. He is not a contact: he died a century ago. So first I type Ramsden into the top search bar (beside the magnifying glass). Search results are shown in the line just below the five icons at the top of the screen. If I press Enter now Rummage will show me that there are 310 results – there are 310 items on my computer referring to Ramsden.

So I need to thin it further. I know the File Type. My notes were written in Microsoft Word. (If I was looking for a photograph, this would probably be a JPEG Image – JPG). So I click on the icon for File Type. From the list I select Microsoft Word Document, noticing as I do so the figure 49 beside it. This tells me that I have 49 Word documents mentioning the name Ramsden. Better than 310 but I can give Rummage one more clue: I know that I made the notes in either May or June this year. So I click on the Dates Icon. This offers me some broad choices on the left (Earlier this year, Earlier this month, Last month or Last week) or in the centre of the screen I can pick Custom Date Selection which allows me to narrow my search. I put in a starting date of 1st May 2013 and a finish date of 30th June 2013. Now I have told Rummage three clues I can remember and when I press Return I get the following screen:


Success! There are only 8 items on my computer which fit those three criteria (mentioning Ramsden, in a Word document, written in May or June 2013) and I can see immediately that the one I am looking for is second from the bottom of the list: JWR Diaries. If I select this item full details appear on the screen with a link to take me to the document on my computer.

Why not share your Christmas present with other members of your family? Pass this on to other friends who might be able to make use of it – remember it is absolutely free and if you or they have suggestions about ways in which it might be improved, tell me so that I can pass them on to the team – they are very likely to take up your ideas.

Good luck! And please do let me know how you get on.


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