Rummage to the Rescue

Two or three weeks ago, Hattie Jackson Bream raised the question of junk mail and the JPS. I replied that she lacked the necessary skills and qualifications. The JPS, deeply offended, has been trying hard since then. A flyer offering special cleaning of something or other came through the door yesterday. The JPS sprang into action – shredded it instantly. She dealt with it so effectively that I never did discover what they were offering to clean for me. Mind, clearing up 25 small pieces of paper does take much longer than binning one flyer…

Organised dogSome dogs are apparently more organised than the JPS…

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Blue Monday

Sorry everyone! I see it is Blue Monday, the day in the year when more things jump out of the bushes to get you than any other day. Which must account for me giving the wrong link for Get Rummage. Fortunately one really bright follower pointed it out to me straight away. The right link is http://getrummage.com/alpha/YmEpvhXERs



New Year’s resolutions can be so negative. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink.  Don’t eat anything you enjoy. Don’t spend money.

Let’s start the New Year on a more positive note. Try something new. Do something different.

Admittedly, the Junior Paper Shredder took this a bit too literally on New Year’s Eve. She decided to take up swimming. Skipped the lessons. Dived into the reservoir. James gallantly sprang to the rescue. They both came home looking pretty wet. James declined the photo opportunity. Continue reading


Christmas Present Time

I promised you. And now I have got to deliver. I considered a cop-out.

“I’ll just give them chocs,” I thought. “A box for everyone reading my blog this week.”

Then I checked the stats. There was one day when this blog had 85 views. I haven’t a clue what that means. But it could mean an awful lot of chocolates.

Besides, the Junior Paper Shredder had already started to shred the sample box. By the way, she applied recently for promotion to a different job in the company. But I will tell you about that later. She probably won’t get it: after the chocolate episode. I put a black mark on her file. She put several more on the carpet…

early Dec 2013 036

So I went to Hugh and asked him about the company’s new piece of software. It is called Rummage. And he says I can give one to each of you. Isn’t that great? Actually he is giving one to everyone who asks. But you are still really special because I have written a special guide to Rummage to make it quite easy to use. Continue reading