Taking Stock

With all the Christmas and New Year parties over, late January is a good time for taking stock. Round here it started with the J.P.S. and her friend the Retired Paper Shredder. Both were summoned to see the vet. They both rate him highly. Call him The Wizard. Really friendly and encouraging. Always pleased to see them. They reciprocate. Especially as he keeps a jar of biscuits in Reception.

They were weighed, fully examined and given their annual boosters. Neither complained about the sharp prick of the needle. The medicine man was positive. Both were in excellent form. The Pensioner better than a year ago. Continue reading


Literature. It is going to the dogs.

I told the Junior Paper Shredder yesterday that her Column (as she calls this blog) was starting to attract literary attention. Not just Family Business. Literature. Interestingliterature (http://interestingliterature.com/ ) and E-Tinkerbell’s Blog (http://etinkerbell.wordpress.com/ ) are both followers now.

“What’s Literature?” she asked. “Something I ought to be getting my teeth into?” Continue reading


Of Cowboys and Computers

Things can only get better. That was how it seemed by Blue Monday evening. No sooner had I corrected the duff link to Get Rummage (should have been http://getrummage.com/alpha/YmEpvhXERs) than the Junior Paper Shredder appeared. She was looking pretty blue herself. Not her colour – she is a Dandie Dinmont and Dandie Dinmonts come in two alternative colour schemes. One is Pepper, a sort of blueish colour. The other is Mustard, which is what the JPS is supposed to be. More in mood. She clearly had a complaint.

She had just heard apparently that the following day was to be the CCQ office party. No literary discussions this year. They were off to drive ATVs in deep mud, then shoot clay pigeons. Continue reading



New Year’s resolutions can be so negative. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink.  Don’t eat anything you enjoy. Don’t spend money.

Let’s start the New Year on a more positive note. Try something new. Do something different.

Admittedly, the Junior Paper Shredder took this a bit too literally on New Year’s Eve. She decided to take up swimming. Skipped the lessons. Dived into the reservoir. James gallantly sprang to the rescue. They both came home looking pretty wet. James declined the photo opportunity. Continue reading