Tenth Birthday

Computer ConQuest Ltd has celebrated its tenth birthday: time for congratulations. After all, 40% of all newly-created companies last less than ten years. (http://www.businessweek.com/chapter/degeus.htm ). The same article lists factors common to the longest lived companies (and here we are talking of centuries, not decades, rare though such companies are). Continue reading



As promised, this week the blog has a guest writer. But I must admit to being a total wimp. I have not approached anyone. I have accepted the only volunteer. The Junior Paper Shredder.

I understand that in these situations it is permissible under blogging etiquette to offer a few words of general guidance. It is not correct to go further. No editorial control. No censorship. By way of guidance I have indicated that this blog is concerned with business matters. High finance. That sort of thing. Such academic issues as Literature may also be touched upon. I rely on her to maintain the high tone. Continue reading


Family Business 11b Cure Parkinson’s Trust

Those of you who read last week about the photographic competition I am organising in aid of the Cure Parkinson’s Trust might be interested to know that Tom Isaacs (founder and leading light of the Cure Parkinson’s Trust) and his wife are featuring with Clare Balding in her programme Ramblings on Radio Four at 3 p.m. this Thursday. http://www.radiotimes.com/episode/css9ty/ramblings–episode-1-tom-isaacs-chorley-wood and http://www.cureparkinsons.org.uk/News/ramblings


Rummage to the Rescue

Two or three weeks ago, Hattie Jackson Bream raised the question of junk mail and the JPS. I replied that she lacked the necessary skills and qualifications. The JPS, deeply offended, has been trying hard since then. A flyer offering special cleaning of something or other came through the door yesterday. The JPS sprang into action – shredded it instantly. She dealt with it so effectively that I never did discover what they were offering to clean for me. Mind, clearing up 25 small pieces of paper does take much longer than binning one flyer…

Organised dogSome dogs are apparently more organised than the JPS…

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Can We Share Your Photos?

Not all businesses are profit-making. The best run show I know spends everything it raises. The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (http://www.cureparkinsons.org.uk/ ) is there to do precisely what its name implies. Find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. A small, national charity, nothing goes to waste. Only a handful of staff is employed. All are single-mindedly devoted to the objective. No smart cars or big expense accounts here. Continue reading