Office Party

The office Christmas party. My one chance to get to know the team. I knew Hugh and Rob of course, but the others were often just email correspondents or voices on Skype. Not pictures. I always keep the camera turned off.

An interesting rotating group. Multicultural. With origins from China to Greece, from India to the United States, the majority have been male and under 45. Judging from the applicants whenever we have advertised a job, this is par for the course in IT. In our experience, those who buck the trend have been excellent. Continue reading


Christmas Present Time

I promised you. And now I have got to deliver. I considered a cop-out.

“I’ll just give them chocs,” I thought. “A box for everyone reading my blog this week.”

Then I checked the stats. There was one day when this blog had 85 views. I haven’t a clue what that means. But it could mean an awful lot of chocolates.

Besides, the Junior Paper Shredder had already started to shred the sample box. By the way, she applied recently for promotion to a different job in the company. But I will tell you about that later. She probably won’t get it: after the chocolate episode. I put a black mark on her file. She put several more on the carpet…

early Dec 2013 036

So I went to Hugh and asked him about the company’s new piece of software. It is called Rummage. And he says I can give one to each of you. Isn’t that great? Actually he is giving one to everyone who asks. But you are still really special because I have written a special guide to Rummage to make it quite easy to use. Continue reading


2. Rob joins the team

“Need you in Prague next week, Hugh.”
“Must finish this section next week, Hugh.”
His old company still needed him. The gaming company needed him. Good news for a new business, but standards had to be kept up. He could not risk losing either. Help was needed.
Then Hugh thought of Rob. Rob was mega bright. He had really high standards. They had different strengths but they thought the same way. They had been trained the same way. They had sat at desks next to each other since they were 13. That way, you know if you can really depend on someone. You know who will be beside you throwing snowballs and who will be sneakily burying your favourite jersey in a snowdrift. Continue reading