Rummage to the Rescue

Two or three weeks ago, Hattie Jackson Bream raised the question of junk mail and the JPS. I replied that she lacked the necessary skills and qualifications. The JPS, deeply offended, has been trying hard since then. A flyer offering special cleaning of something or other came through the door yesterday. The JPS sprang into action – shredded it instantly. She dealt with it so effectively that I never did discover what they were offering to clean for me. Mind, clearing up 25 small pieces of paper does take much longer than binning one flyer…

Organised dogSome dogs are apparently more organised than the JPS…

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Blue Monday

Sorry everyone! I see it is Blue Monday, the day in the year when more things jump out of the bushes to get you than any other day. Which must account for me giving the wrong link for Get Rummage. Fortunately one really bright follower pointed it out to me straight away. The right link is http://getrummage.com/alpha/YmEpvhXERs