Searching for Staff

Not easy. Like job hunting. Seeking for the right partner never is. But worthwhile when both sides are genuinely looking for the right match.

CCQ needs people of high calibre and particular skills. Like other small companies, it cannot match the multinationals in straight financial terms. But it can offer rewards which they cannot. Such as working from home. Wherever home may be. Flexibility in hours. And so on. Prospective employees too have their own needs as well as their own skill sets and experiences. Continue reading


Diversification and Reduction

There is just one problem with Granny’s Eye View. It is meant to be about small family businesses. And this granny does not know much about small businesses. A little bit about families. Nothing about business.

The J.P.S. (Junior Paper Shredder for any new readers) is not much help. She knows nothing about anything. But she is not happy with my proposal. I plan to reduce the appearance of this blog to once every three weeks. So put 24th March in your diaries. Continue reading



As promised, this week the blog has a guest writer. But I must admit to being a total wimp. I have not approached anyone. I have accepted the only volunteer. The Junior Paper Shredder.

I understand that in these situations it is permissible under blogging etiquette to offer a few words of general guidance. It is not correct to go further. No editorial control. No censorship. By way of guidance I have indicated that this blog is concerned with business matters. High finance. That sort of thing. Such academic issues as Literature may also be touched upon. I rely on her to maintain the high tone. Continue reading