Some people communicate too much. Like the J.P.S. Constantly expressing her faintest wish or whim loudly and ceaselessly. I doubt things will improve now that she has discovered Skype. Her Norfolk Terrier friend Mouse lives 70 miles away. Both were thrilled to find they could continue their noisy discussions despite the distance. Well, it is cheaper than using the telephone I suppose…


A lot of people are like that. The J.P.S. might even get it from me. They want to be sure there is someone within earshot. But they do not want to listen to them, just do the telling themselves.

Equally bad, especially in business, are those who do not communicate at all. It may be to do with managing expectations.  You place an order. Your order is accepted. No-one mentions that the item will be out of stock for 10 weeks. Or practicalities. You ring the plumber. He says he will be with you in the morning. You wait in all day. He does not come. He arrives the following afternoon. You are out. He has made a wasted visit. Your pipe continues to leak. Both parties are irritated. He feels you should have known he had to go to an emergency on the first day. But he never told you.

Worse still was an electrician I heard of recently. Not the brightest Sparks in the business. Communicated only in angry grunts. Then suddenly waxed lyrical on how misunderstood he was, how brilliant his work. Knowing a job well done is worth a thousand words, he prepared his piece de resistance. Severed three main water pipes with a single stroke. ‘Twas on a Monday morning…

Keeping the customer informed about what is happening, why and when, makes all the difference. Listening to what the customer has to say is equally important. Amazing how rare it is for people (or dogs) to get this right. Keep the communications flowing, and the water too if you are a plumber. Not if you are an electrician.



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