Diversification and Reduction

There is just one problem with Granny’s Eye View. It is meant to be about small family businesses. And this granny does not know much about small businesses. A little bit about families. Nothing about business.

The J.P.S. (Junior Paper Shredder for any new readers) is not much help. She knows nothing about anything. But she is not happy with my proposal. I plan to reduce the appearance of this blog to once every three weeks. So put 24th March in your diaries.

It has been fun getting to know you. There are readers in Australia, the United States, the Isle of Man. In Serbia, Kenya, Italy and Sweden. Some of you were already my friends. Others were not. I have enjoyed discovering InterestingLiterature (http://interestingliterature.com/ ) and e-Tinkerbell (http://etinkerbell.wordpress.com/ ); I have learnt much of the extraordinary, diverse world of blogging from the many exponents of the art who have contacted me.

Perhaps diversification is the way forward. Perhaps this blog should encompass other topics – history, horses, the British legal system, current events – let me know what you think.

The J.P.S. undoubtedly has diverse interests. Away from her professional duties, her private life, her participation in this blog, she is fascinated by geology, or possibly petrology. The study of rocks and stones. She collects them avidly, never complaining about the weight as she brings them home to arrange. The discovery of a new specimen sends her into raptures of excitement such as most of her species reserve for an alien visitor, a hedgehog, perhaps, or a dead rabbit.

stone found

Stone located

stone on show

                                                                                          Brought home

stone displayed

Possible display case

In the meanwhile, keep in touch with developments to Rummage, whether you have already downloaded it or not (http://getrummage.com/ )

And remember the photographic competition for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Get busy with your cameras and urge others to do likewise. ( here ) You may win a prize or find your work featured on a calendar or Christmas card. You will certainly help the urgent work in progress aimed at ending this terrible disease. (http://www.cureparkinsons.org.uk/ )


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