As promised, this week the blog has a guest writer. But I must admit to being a total wimp. I have not approached anyone. I have accepted the only volunteer. The Junior Paper Shredder.

I understand that in these situations it is permissible under blogging etiquette to offer a few words of general guidance. It is not correct to go further. No editorial control. No censorship. By way of guidance I have indicated that this blog is concerned with business matters. High finance. That sort of thing. Such academic issues as Literature may also be touched upon. I rely on her to maintain the high tone.

The JPS writes:

I have been longing to tell you all about my Great Romance. Now at last I have the chance. A week ago I fell in love. His name is Angus and he is so handsome, so charming, such a perfect gentleman. But he is an Older Man. His luscious pepper coat is sprinkled with silver. He told me he thought I was delightful, and so pretty. I danced round and round, singing “Champagne! Paris! Nightclubs! This is the life for me. I’m in Love with a Wonderful Guy!”

Angus went a bit quiet. He said “How about a peaceful evening in front of the fire? A nice steak?  Cocoa? Biscuits?”

“My people think you are wonderful and I think yours like me?” I asked. He nodded. “I’ve heard them mentioning puppies… ” I added.

Dandie litter

He was so kind. “I think, my dear, that I am too old to wish to become a father,” he said. “One day you will find the right man. When that happens I do hope that you will regard me as an honorary uncle.”

I just hope that I will find as special a man as Angus. But, come to think of it, I am not sure that I want to bother with a family yet. All that feeding and cleaning and keeping them in order. One or two would be a pushover, but a whole litter – I’m not sure.

If I ever make Paris though, I will just slip round by Brussels to make sure Hugh and Robert would not be able to avoid giving me full maternity rights.

Two puppies

How could she so disgrace me? Must this blog be renamed Teen Love? Still, it was Valentine’s Day.


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