Rummage to the Rescue

Two or three weeks ago, Hattie Jackson Bream raised the question of junk mail and the JPS. I replied that she lacked the necessary skills and qualifications. The JPS, deeply offended, has been trying hard since then. A flyer offering special cleaning of something or other came through the door yesterday. The JPS sprang into action – shredded it instantly. She dealt with it so effectively that I never did discover what they were offering to clean for me. Mind, clearing up 25 small pieces of paper does take much longer than binning one flyer…

Organised dogSome dogs are apparently more organised than the JPS…

With the computer the problems are different. Disposing of junk mail is relatively easy. Finding that important letter you wrote 6 or 7 years ago has always been the problem here. Not anymore. Not since Rummage appeared.

Which reminds me. There is a new version of Rummage just out. Much faster and better than the original. And yours for free. No strings attached. Though if you would like to try it then let me know what you like and what you would like changing, I might persuade Hugh to make the changes you ask for. No promises mind. Just go to and download the new version. And don’t forget my special non-techy guide.

It is just as well that we are moving to a paperless society. I will be able to find everything on my computer with Rummage. And not even attempt to look for hard copies of anything. Junk mail or valuable, the JPS will have shredded it all regardless.

Rummage logo

P.S. Watch out for next week’s blog. I have been reading about blogs. Apparently you are meant to invite guest writers to do it for you occasionally. I am very nervous about approaching anyone smart. But I think I have found a volunteer. No names now in case they let me down. Fingers crossed for next week…


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