Can We Share Your Photos?

Not all businesses are profit-making. The best run show I know spends everything it raises. The Cure Parkinson’s Trust ( ) is there to do precisely what its name implies. Find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. A small, national charity, nothing goes to waste. Only a handful of staff is employed. All are single-mindedly devoted to the objective. No smart cars or big expense accounts here. I have not seen the office. No room to swing a cat, I believe. (“Just leave that to me,” growled the JPS.) The whole team always so knowledgeable, so appreciative, so friendly. Co-founder Tom Isaacs is one of the most remarkable and inspirational men I have ever met. Tom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in his 20s. His dynamism and determination invigorate everyone he speaks to.

More important than all this, they really are achieving something. They have brought together a committee of the world’s leading experts to share knowledge and prioritise potential treatments. And progress really is being made. Their Linked Clinical Trials are moving research forward.


I started fund raising for them 18 months ago. Last year our committee, covering three counties, raised just under £80,000. And I just thought some of you, wherever you are in the world, might enjoy joining in one of this year’s plans. We are running a photo competition. Open to everyone. If many professionals enter they will be judged separately. All the photos will go on show in the autumn. The best ones will be made into calendars and cards to be sold for the Trust. Click here for more information. (When Dropbox opens choose Download then Open.)

Do have a go.

The JPS wants to offer a special prize. The chance to photograph her. “Then my modelling career might have a fair chance,” she says.

 camera (emoticon


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