Taking Stock

With all the Christmas and New Year parties over, late January is a good time for taking stock. Round here it started with the J.P.S. and her friend the Retired Paper Shredder. Both were summoned to see the vet. They both rate him highly. Call him The Wizard. Really friendly and encouraging. Always pleased to see them. They reciprocate. Especially as he keeps a jar of biscuits in Reception.

They were weighed, fully examined and given their annual boosters. Neither complained about the sharp prick of the needle. The medicine man was positive. Both were in excellent form. The Pensioner better than a year ago.

vet and dog

I told the J.P.S. that CCQ (the business) has also been seeing a Wizard. Her tail stopped wagging. She looked really depressed.

“It’s all right,” I reassured her. “I believe he is saying just what your Wizard told you. That they are doing fine. There will probably be one or two things which they have to change. Just to make sure things continue to go right in the future. Just like your boosters. Uncomfortable for a moment, perhaps, then fine. And really worthwhile.”

“Pooh” said the J.P.S. rudely. “Of course Hugh and Rob won’t mind their boosters. I’m not worried about them.”

But she still looked miserable.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Hugh was talking the other day about their paperless office,” she said. “If this Wizard of theirs is as clever as my Wizard, might he not say that with no paper they no longer need a Paper Shredder at all, Junior or Senior?”

“What has the Wizard been saying to you?” I asked next time I saw Hugh, trying to sound casual.  “He isn’t suggesting any redundancies is he?”

“No way,” said Hugh. “We are advertising for a new member of staff. The Wizard’s a really helpful, sensible guy. There was just one suggestion he did make which puzzled me. We were talking about Sales and Marketing. He said something about a jar of biscuits.”

     biscuits and stethoscope                                                                                   plate of biscuits


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