Of Cowboys and Computers

Things can only get better. That was how it seemed by Blue Monday evening. No sooner had I corrected the duff link to Get Rummage (should have been http://getrummage.com/alpha/YmEpvhXERs) than the Junior Paper Shredder appeared. She was looking pretty blue herself. Not her colour – she is a Dandie Dinmont and Dandie Dinmonts come in two alternative colour schemes. One is Pepper, a sort of blueish colour. The other is Mustard, which is what the JPS is supposed to be. More in mood. She clearly had a complaint.

She had just heard apparently that the following day was to be the CCQ office party. No literary discussions this year. They were off to drive ATVs in deep mud, then shoot clay pigeons.

“Are you invited?” she wanted to know. No, I assured her. I was not. Thank goodness. JPS felt that this was quite right. After all, nowadays I did not do anything. She had heard I was just a Bored member or something. But she herself was in full active service, intent on not becoming Bored. How could they forget her invitation? Wallowing in mud sounded just her scene. She consulted her friend, the Retired Paper Shredder (RPS), now a responsible Computer ConQuest pensioner. RPS is blue, or pepper, in colour. But she is not blue in mood. She was most relieved not to have been invited. Nothing she disliked more than clay pigeon shooting, she said. Hated the bangs and clay pigeons tasted even worse than mud.

dogs etc 051

A report came back later. Clay pigeons might almost be a protected species as far as Hugh was concerned. They had little to fear with his finger on the trigger. With Joshua, the American member of the team (it is his voice you can hear talking about Rummage), matters were quite different. Clay pigeons are at risk of extinction. Who would ever have guessed that if only Billy the Kid, Annie Oakley and the Lone Ranger had been issued with computers we might have had some great software programs years ago? Forget Jane Austen and the Brontes. Time for me to ride off into the sunset…



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