Christmas Present Time

I promised you. And now I have got to deliver. I considered a cop-out.

“I’ll just give them chocs,” I thought. “A box for everyone reading my blog this week.”

Then I checked the stats. There was one day when this blog had 85 views. I haven’t a clue what that means. But it could mean an awful lot of chocolates.

Besides, the Junior Paper Shredder had already started to shred the sample box. By the way, she applied recently for promotion to a different job in the company. But I will tell you about that later. She probably won’t get it: after the chocolate episode. I put a black mark on her file. She put several more on the carpet…

early Dec 2013 036

So I went to Hugh and asked him about the company’s new piece of software. It is called Rummage. And he says I can give one to each of you. Isn’t that great? Actually he is giving one to everyone who asks. But you are still really special because I have written a special guide to Rummage to make it quite easy to use.

Have you ever lost anything on your computer? What Rummage does is find it for you. Cyberspace must be littered with my lost property. I can’t wait to use Rummage to get it all rounded up.

Hugh says I must warn you that Rummage so far is only in alpha. That apparently means that it is just a preview. They know it is not perfect yet but they want you to have the chance to see how useful it already is and how brilliant it could become. What’s more, they will listen to what you say. They want you to tell them what you like about it and what you don’t like.

You will be able to have Rummage for free. For always. Even when it is really perfect. They will add fancy extra bits to copies they sell later. But the basic model is free. Now. Always.

Because it is only in alpha that means you can actually tell them what you would like it to do differently. If several of you say the same thing, they will try to make it do whatever you want it to do.

Mind, it could be a bit like the Junior Paper Shredder and not take any notice.

Thanks Rummage

She says she does not like being a Junior Paper Shredder any more. She wants to be a MODEL. And the only thing wrong with her modelling portfolio is the photographer. She may have a point…

Do have a go. Click here

and you will get my guide on how to make Rummage work. Once you have had a look at it click to get your very own copy of Rummage.

Happy Rummageing. And Happy Christmas.

And do let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Present Time

  1. Happy Christmas to all….I will try anything once but tech isn’t one of my strengths so you guidance will be invaluable…..Rummage in the New Year sounds like fun !

    Sent from Samsung MobileNot My Business wrote:

    • I don’t think you will find Rummage too difficult – much easier than trying to find a favourite photo or important letter unaided. Do encourage any techie friends or family to join in too.

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